LIFE+ project: A new achievement for Active

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Active achieves a new goal in Europe: funding for a research project for improving the quality of the environment and the climate in the context of LIFE+ European projects

LIFE+ project: A new achievement for Active

Study of Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™ photocatalytic material and the process of its application to GranitiFiandre Group ceramics has attracted interest all over the world. After obtaining a European patent on April 9, Active has achieved another important goal: obtaining funding for a research project concerned with improvement of the quality of the environment and the climate, in the context of European LIFE+ projects.

A novel manufacturing process for photocatalytically activating ceramic tiles by digital printing (DIGITALIFE - LIFE13 ENV/IT/000140). This is the title of the research project aimed at modifying the process of depositing photocatalytic titanium dioxide.
Titanium dioxide is currently deposited on the surface of ceramic tiles using a traditional spray technique.

The innovative new method is based on digital decoration, using inks containing micrometric titanium dioxide and additives of use for the final vitrification process. The new method will permit limitation of the loss of TiO2 inherent in the spray technique as well as reducing consumption of water and energy in the process. In addition, as is already the case of ACTIVE products, use of micrometric particles excludes all risks to human health.
ACTIVE tiles are becoming more and more popular as the ideal choice combining aesthetic requirements with real commitment to protecting the environment and human health, a commitment that begins with the process of making the tiles.



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