Kisu by Yaron Tal and Maya Shelef: creativity and the Orient

Paolo Schianchi,

Tel Aviv, Israele,

What is an empty room? Paolo Schianchi asks in his book Webcreativity. Israeli architect Yaron Ta had to make his empty room into a Japanese restaurant, and he sought inspiration among the spices, textures, colours and traditions of the Orient.

Kisu by Yaron Tal and Maya Shelef: creativity and the Orient

Every one of us has an empty room to be filled, and the room filled by Israeli architects Yaron Tal and Maya Shelef was a Japanese restaurant. To fill it, they drew their inspiration from oriental culture, its spices, colours, geometries and traditions. The result is a restaurant that is somehow austere yet simultaneously full of life and detail.

No wall is like another. Going in, we find ourselves before the texture of hexagonal tiles in iridescent colours which look different from different angles. Another wall is decorated with a print of a rice field on coloured aluminium, so big it can only be seen from a certain distance.

The final Japanese touch is given by the paper lamps adorning the ceiling over the kitchen, which recall the technique of origami and Japanese lamps; their warm hues give the room a welcoming atmosphere. The name says it all: Kisu, Japanese for kiss.

Francesco Cibati

Location: Kryat Ono, Tel Aviv, Israel
Year: 2015
Design: Yaron Tal and Maya Shelef
Photos: Yoav Gurin



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