Jpa Antorini VIO home on the hills in Lugano

Lugano, Switzerland,

Making what might have been a limitation into a design opportunity, JPA Antorini Architetti Sagl used the small hill on the site as their inspiration for the design of this single-family home in Lugano.

Jpa Antorini VIO home on the hills in Lugano

On the site selected for construction of this single-family home there is a small hill facing the centre of Vaglio – Lugano. What might at first appear to be a " limitation" becomes an opportunity and a source of inspiration for the project for JPA Antorini Architetti Sagl.

The construction is made up of two separate volumes featuring different materials and colours. The first, covered in dark stone, looks like a mass emerging from the soil. This boldly material, solid block contains the most private parts of the home, the bedrooms and bathrooms.
The living area is contained in the second part of the building, made of bare white concrete, suspended between the green hill and the stone volume. This position allows it to enjoy the most interesting panoramic views through windows cut into the concrete volume.
The house is accessed via a little zen garden which creates an intimate atmosphere. An effect of “now you see it, now you don’t” surrounded by greenery helps to establish the harmonious relationship with nature and the environment that the architects wanted.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: JPA Antorini Architetti Sagl
Location: Lugano, Switzerland

Images courtesy of JPA Antorini Architetti Sagl



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