IUSVE and IRIS Ceramica Group for CO-Creation and education in interior design

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At 14:30 on October 11 a meeting open to the public will be held at the IUSVE Campus in Verona under the title CO-CREATION, organised by IUSVE in partnership with the Iris Ceramica Group and directed at Italian universities, with the intention of establishing a profitable partnership between educational institutions and the world of production.

IUSVE and IRIS Ceramica Group for CO-Creation and education in interior design

CO-CREATION is the title of a meeting open to the public coming up on October 11, 2018 at the IUSVE Verona Campus, organised by the university in partnership with the Iris Ceramica Group. The leading manufacturer of ceramic surfaces is no newcomer to partnerships of this type, for it has always had a great interest in connecting industries with the fabric of society.
The Co-Creation event open to the public in Verona is being held to initiate a conversation between places of education and places of production, with the goal of initiating more and more profitable partnerships. The starting point is an important study regarding the complexity of Italian training programmes in the field of interior design. The study was the subject of a graduate thesis by Filippo Tolin, a master’s degree student in Web Marketing & Digital Communication IUSVE, under the supervision of Dr. Francesco Sordi, entitled “INTERIOR DESIGN INSTITUTES RANKING: academic programmes in interior design in Italy”. This complete research project included a phase of analysis followed by quantitative and qualitative assessment of the market served and, finally, an operative phase in which all the most sustainable and significant partnerships were identified. The resulting publication will be presented as a gift to all attendees. The welcoming speeches and introduction by the head of the Department of Communication at IUSVE University, Dr. Mariano Diotto, will be followed by Dr.Stefano Luconi’s presentation of the Iris Ceramica Group’s research project and the opening of debate with the participation of the guest professors, moderated by Dr. Francesco Sordi.

Federica Minozzi, CEO of the Iris Ceramica Group, emphasises in her introduction to the publication the importance of connections between industry and the fabric of society is an essential element for the solidity of a major industrial group such as Iris Ceramica Group. “This awareness inspires the Group’s strategic choices, and so this essential relationship must be consolidated and kept active, now and in the future. We are therefore proud promoters of projects supporting the world of education, and particularly advanced university and academic education, the true crucible of society and what holds everything together”. And on the role of enterprise, Dr. Minozzi says that “Big companies today have this social responsibility, an advanced, contemporary form of patronage in which enterprises support research and appreciation of new talents”.

The Iris Ceramica Group has been working for some time on this search for and appreciation of new talents. Examples in IUSVE include Next Landmark, the contest promoted by the Iris Ceramica Group in partnership with the Master’s Degree Programme in Creativity and Communication Design (MSTC) at IUSVE University of Venice and Verona. The seventh Next Landmark contest concluded recently, presenting the prize to architect Roland Baldi of Roland Baldi Architects for Italia&Amore Ristorante Mercato Enoteca in the "Hospitality Interior Design" category, the specific theme of this edition of Next Landmark; architects Federico Campos and Oscar Chávez of Urbànika for their  La Champa project in the Landmark of the Year 2018 category. The 2019 edition has already been presented, and will involve not only a partnership with IUSVE but the awarding of a special prize for education, a one-year scholarship for SOS School of Sustainability founded by architect Mario Cucinella.

(Agnese Bifulco)