Gustafson Guhrie Nichol, UrbanEdge

Landscape, Residences, Sport & Wellness,

A series of street furnishings that keep up with the times, reflection proposed by Gustafson Guhrie Nichol in the UrbanEdge collection.

Gustafson Guhrie Nichol, UrbanEdge
Gustafson Guhrie Nichol architectural studios recently presented its UrbanEdge series of street furnishings in response to demand for more welcoming outdoor public spaces in line with today’s requirements.

On the basis of a study of social interactions in different contexts, both in the home and in public spaces, the architects of Gustafson Guhrie Nichol have developed a series of items of furniture which can be combined in different ways and encourage interaction with the environment and among users.

The primary purpose of the furnishings is to offer users welcoming public spaces for gathering, thinking, relaxing and working, whether they are waiting at the bus stop or in a public park.
The items they have designed can be adapted to make use of small spaces such as a sidewalk or a bus stop or to create points of attraction in big open spaces.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Gustafson Guhrie Nichol
Images:courtesy of Gustafson Guhrie Nichol and Landscape Forms



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