GranitiFiandre, Mario Cucinella at Politecnico di Milano



Sustainability and contemporary Italian architecture were the topics of a meeting with architect Mario Cucinella, an event organised by GranitiFiandre at Politecnico di Milano on April 13 during the 2011 Salone del Mobile.

GranitiFiandre, Mario Cucinella at Politecnico di Milano
In response to an invitation from GranitiFiandre and its President and CEO Graziano Verdi, architect Mario Cucinella attended the meeting held on April 13 at Politecnico di Milano to talk about sustainability in the world of design, looking at the real, concrete examples in Cucinella’s work. The architect emphasised that interest in environmental sustainability is spreading from technologies to advanced sustainable materials “[...] which are themselves the solution to the problem. Materials are therefore much more appreciated these days for their ability to play an active role”. The projects presented by Cucinella included the SIEEB, leaf building, so called for its ability to transform light into solar energy, in which the architect used Fiandre materials. President Graziano Verdi emphasised that the company is pursuing a green policy applying to all its production, particularly the new ACTIVE Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™ materials, fruit of GranitiFiandre’s non-stop research work.

Images: courtesy of GranitiFiandre
l'architect Mario Cucinella with GranitiFiandre President and CEO Graziano Verdi and Key Account Manager Gianfranco Sassi.



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