Francesco Marrone Interior Design in the pursuit of sober elegance for a Notary's Office

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The Notary's Office designed by architect Francesco Marrone is an excellent example of interior design that fully reflects the character of the owner. With a combination of rigorous colours, elegant furnishings and carefully thought-out details, the project conveys a sense of sobriety, without ever being boring. Through the skilful use of geometries and by generating creative tension, Francesco Marrone has successfully brought to life a unique space that responds to the functional needs of a Notary's Office, while at the same time offering a welcoming and refined environment.

Francesco Marrone Interior Design in the pursuit of sober elegance for a Notary's Office

The design approach adopted by architect Francesco Marrone's studio, founded in 2001 in Taranto, Italy, is based on an intertwining of knowledge and sensitivity, offering an alternative and engaging look at places. The architect emphasises the importance of details and of the big picture, bringing to life a space where people can create their own experience. The careful balance between opposites, the ability to listen, experimentation and acceptance are fundamental elements in Francesco Marrone's design process, strongly focused on the relationship between people, objects and places.

In the interior design of the Notary's Office, starting from the desire to reflect the owner's character, an elegant man without formal excesses, the architect has adopted a combination of rigorous colours, carefully selected furnishings and refined details. The predominant tones of blue and grey, both for the furnishings and for the walls, imbue the space a sober yet captivating atmosphere. The Hungarian herringbone wood flooring adds a touch of elegance and modernity, creating an interesting visual contrast.

The meeting room is the fulcrum of the Notary's Office, furnished by a large table and a spacious bookcase that holds ancient legal texts and a private collection of historic typewriters, creating an atmosphere that recalls the tradition and serious nature of the notary profession. The adjacent sitting room, furnished with iconic pieces, offers an informal space to comfortably welcome clients during informal consultations.

The owner's private room features a 19th century desk, with a bookcase behind it which, when opened, provides access to the personal bathroom. This architectural detail creates a striking and functional element, offering a unique experience within the private space.

The Notary's Office designed by Francesco Marrone exemplifies a perfect balance between sober elegance and functionality. Thanks to the choice of colours, furnishings and carefully thought-out details, the architect has created a welcoming, refined and at the same time professional space. The Notary's Office thus becomes a space that fully reflects the owner's character, offering a stimulating and pleasant environment for clients.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Images courtesy of Studio Francesco Marrone, photos by Marco Greco

Interior Design: Studio Francesco Marrone https://www.francescomarrone.it/
Location: Taranto, Italia
Photos: Marco Greco https://www.instagram.com/mar_gre_co/


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