Food design: where to dine during Expo 2015

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From the Navigli to Brera, our own “ MasterChefs” are hard at work offering new menus, cocktails and décor in dining venues at all levels. Expo 2015 is about everything to do with food design,'and offers the occasion for opening plenty of new restaurants of all kinds, from luxury dining to the simplest kind of bistro. Let's take a look at restaurants where you can dine with design during Expo 2015.

Food design: where to dine during Expo 2015

Palazzo Parigi – Ristorante Gastronomico
Carlo Cracco directs the “theatre” of good taste in Italy.' His restaurant is designed like a stage set, with waiters emerging through a glass tunnel and a sort of high-tech “altar” on which the chef'presents his creations.' The tables are arranged diagonally, like the boxes in a theatre, to allow patrons to watch the show. The restaurant space and furnishings include artworks from the 17th to 19th century in Italian neoclassical style, while the ceiling is hand decorated and the parquet floor is made of precious woods. The restaurant has a splendid view of the historic gardens of Palazzo Parigi. The restaurant was designed by architect Paola Giambelli, who owns the building.

Palazzo Dsquared – Ceresio 7
Chef Elio Sironi runs Ceresio 7, a restaurant located on the magnificent terrace of the historic Enel building, headquarters of the Dsquared2 group.
The innovative project is a partnership between stylists Dean and Dan Caten'with Storage architectural studio, in charge of architectural design, and Dimore interior design studio for the interior design and accessories. The restaurant, which has two pools on the terrace, has a symmetric layout with two wings starting out at an oval-shaped central table defined by two cabinets containing tables, embellished with brass and metal inlays. The furnishings have a vintage'flavour, and include items from all over the world as well as antique art books; the spacious inner hall overlooks the skyline of the new Varesine office district: a new addition to the city of Milan designed specifically for Expo 2015.

Eataly – Teatro Smeraldo' - Ristorante Alice
There is plenty of design content at Eataly Smeraldo: the place to pick up lots of Italian food when visiting Expo 2015. The format is classic: eat, buy and learn at 15 special theme dining areas with counters for sale of food products and 5 special corners where patrons can watch the food being made. The big market offers the best of Italy's quality foods and produce, with a special focus on Lombardy: 30 out of every 100 products are locally made in Lombardy.'Ristorante Alice features rooms designed by Arclinea and Valcucine and is operated by two women: chef Viviana Varese and maitre Sandra Ciciriello. The name “Alice” has a wealth of meanings: the fairy-tale world of Alice in Wonderland, the world of the sea, and the world of women. Ristorante Alice is on the second floor, with a big window overlooking Piazza XXV Aprile, in a 200 sqm area with an open kitchen.

Ristorante Berton
World-renowned chef Andrea Berton has opened his own restaurant on the ground floor of one of the buildings designed by Kohn'Pedersen Fox architectural studios in the Porta Nuova area. The restaurant designed by Vudafieri Saverino Partners is a severe volume built out of simple materials such as concrete, wood and brushed timber. Natural light flows in through high windows screened by double sheets of parchment. The walls in the main room are covered with panels of nickel- and brass-plated steel mounted on a mottled elm frame. Andrea Berton chose the futuristic Porta Nuova Varesine district for his restaurant because it is a linear modern setting appropriate for his simple yet elegant cuisine based on familiar flavours.

Magna Pars Suites Milano – Da noi in
Fulvio Siccardi is the Executive Chef at Ristorante Da Noi In, located in the Hotel Magna Pars'Suites Milano and featuring creative contemporary cuisine based on Italian recipes. The restaurant has a steel kitchen featuring the latest new technologies, open to view. The enchanting garden frames an intimate restaurant full of antique books that give it a homely feel. The Magna Pars Suites Milano Hotel, with its minimalist furnishings, is advertised as "the first hotel-à-parfums" because the building was originally the Martone family's perfume factory. The restyling by architect Luciano Maria Colombo'focuses on wood and steel, aluminium and glass, while the building as a whole is inspired by the traditional Milanese 'casa di ringhiera", a type of apartment building constructed around a central courtyard, with spaces linked by open balconies with balustrades.

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