FAT, Future Architecture Thinking, Casa das artes, Portugal

João Morgado,

Landscape, Sport & Wellness,

Portuguese architectural practice FAT combines urban and rural elements in a natural setting strongly characterised by the presence of the Lousã mountains.

FAT, Future Architecture Thinking, Casa das artes, Portugal
A plan for a "house of the arts" in Mirando do Corvo (Portugal) offers Future Architecture Thinking (FAT) an opportunity to come up with a project combining rural and urban features in a landscape characterised by the strong natural presence of the Serra da Lousã mountain chain.

The volume of the building with its pointed roof recalls the geometry of the mountain range and also fits in with all the other roofs in the town, while the fiery red colour underlines the dynamism of the volumes and makes the building an icon.
The architects’ purpose is to make the construction immediately visible in the vegetation while at the same time celebrating what it means: a home for the arts, a space in which to promote culture and improve the inhabitants’quality of life.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: FAT (Future Architecture Thinking)
Location: Mirando do Corvo, Portugal
Images: courtesy of Future Architecture Thinking © João Morgado