Factory Valle 3.0 with Iris Ceramica opens the doors to European architects

VALLE 3.0,



The splendid setting of the VALLE 3.0 architecture studio in Rome saw the convivial event of a symposium dedicated to the relationship between architectural training and practice, organised by the Architects Council of Europe and the European Association for Architectural Education, with the National Council of Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects and Conservationists.

Factory Valle 3.0 with Iris Ceramica opens the doors to European architects

The VALLE 3.0 studio, of architects Gilberto, Emanuela, Maria Camilla and Silvano Valle, opened its doors on 5th May to host delegates of two prestigious European bodies: the ACE-CAE (Architects' Council of Europe) and the EAAE (European Association for Architectural Education).

The studio, in via Cesare Fracassini 18, hosted the convivial event of the symposium Education and Practice - The Future of Architecture, organised by theACE-CAE and by theEAAE in partnership with the Italian National Council of Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects and Conservationists . This event was also supported by Iris Ceramica, a company that has always been completely dedicated to the world of architecture.

The large, welcoming open space of VALLE 3.0, with its computers removed, presented the European delegates with an exhibition that returned to the principal tools of design,(paper and pencil), but which due to an interplay of positions became tools to feed not only the mind!
The 10x20 decorated tiles of the May collection by Iris Ceramica, with their colours and geometric decorations, gave a sophisticated touch of elegance to the table, defining and rhythmically cadencing the seating. The invitation to draw was no coincidence, as the evening ended with a fun award ceremony for the best freehand drawings. On 6th May the public of Open House Roma were able to visit VALLE 3.0, in via Cesare Fracassini 18, to take part in Urban Experience by Carlo Infante and the presentation of a book by architect Valerio Paolo Mosco "Storia dell'architettura italiana dal postmoderno ai giorni nostri"" (The History of Italian Architecture from Post-Modernism to the Present Day

Images courtesy of VALLE 3.0, photo by PaoloCencioniPhotographer



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