3daysofdesign returns to Copenhagen with Luca Nichetto

Luca Nichetto,

Copenhagen, Denmark,


3daysofdesign is a festival that has been held in Copenhagen in June every year since 2014. As the name suggests, the goal of the event is to bring together design lovers and professionals alike for three days set against the vibrant backdrop of the Danish capital, all to showcase the latest innovations in the industry and facilitate networking. The 2022 edition will take place from 15 to 17 June in partnership with Luca Nichetto, the Italian designer responsible for crafting the event’s identity.

3daysofdesign returns to Copenhagen with Luca Nichetto

The time has come, as it does every year, for 3daysofdesign: one of the most important industry events on the subject of the many that are held in Copenhagen, a city steeped in design history. As one might well imagine from the name, the event takes place over three days, this year falling on 15, 16 and 17 June. It aims to bring together and forge connections between lovers of design - professionals and amateur alike - from all corners of the world, specifically to show off the latest innovations to be introduced in the industry. With a pronounced emphasis on Danish production, of course.

When we talk about design, we could be referring to any number of incredibly different things. As such, 3daysofdesign strives to embrace every possible meaning of the word. It is no coincidence that once again this year, there will be more than two hundred exhibitions and spaces of all kinds open for the enjoyment of all visitors. The ninth edition of the famous design festival will wow attendees with concepts, prototypes and technologies from every field imaginable: lighting, lifestyle, furnishing, interiors, graphic design and communication.

“It’s an exclusive event open to the public,” says the invitation, which provides an insight into the countless showrooms, exhibitions, pop-up events, workshops, previews and conferences available, but also entices visitors to enjoy the vibrant and atmospheric backdrop of the Danish capital. In an almost peremptory fashion, the invitation reminds its recipients that whilst for the general public, participating will be a pleasurable opportunity for discovery, industry professionals absolutely must not miss out: “the festival is a must-see design destination for the press, editors, bloggers, buyers, architects and designers.”
The defining dynamic - combining tourism and interest in design - has also been reflected in the graphics accompanying this edition. With this in mind, the organisation enlisted the help of Luca Nichetto - an Italian designer whose fields of expertise are many and varied, with numerous prizes and awards under his belt and work exhibited in London, Paris, Venice and Stockholm - to create the graphics promoting the festival, which is entirely centred around the theme of Play this year.
“Even in uncertain times, play can re-connect you with others and help you find the joy in the every day,” says Signe Byrdal Terenziani, Managing Director of 3daysofdesign. “There’s an extra dimension to Nichetto’s concept—the illustrative style. It’s colourful, cheerful, honest and open. An approach that reflects the overall spirit behind our festival—encouraging people to play.”
Nichetto’s striking artwork features three characters in reference to the three days of the exhibition. Each character is a collage of Danish icons: a famous design, a typical dish and an architectural landmark in Copenhagen. Together, they offer a glimpse of the kind of experience that visitors can expect during the festival. Ultimately, they emphasise the playful dimension of design and the importance of having fun, even in the workplace. This is a concept that Luca Nichetto himself has emphasised in a press note: “I think as a designer, playing is probably the most beautiful thing in a creative process that you can do. I think when you are growing up and then you start a beautiful passion like designing”. He continues: “every time it happens that when things become a job, you start to take everything more serious. Responsibility, your employees, a lot of things. And slowly you start to forget about playing. Then you realize that when you are playing, your project is also more successful.” 


Photos: Filippo Bamberghi
Illustrations: Luca Nichetto