Cadena Asociados for El Moro, Churros desde 1935

Cadena Concept Design,

Moritz Bernoully,

Mexico City, Mexico,

Who hasn’t heard of churros, the typical sweet, fried pastries of Mexico and Spain? They are the focus of the project by Cadena Asociados for the historic churreria El Moro in Mexico City, where interior design meets graphics.

Cadena Asociados for El Moro, Churros desde 1935

The churro is a typical Mexican fried pastry, covered in sugar, but also a food that is an opportunity for friends to meet. In Mexico City Ignacio Cadena and his studio, Cadena Asociados, has recreated the identity of the churreria El Moro, starting with the 1935 tiles that cover the store.

The choice was due to the interesting blue geometric decoration, which creates a strong visual impact. The design of the tiles has been restored and re-used both to cover the store and as a graphic element of communication.
The colour blue contrasts with purewhiteand tiles have been created especially for the project, based on the originals from 1935. The underlying idea thatCadena followed was to preserve the historic nature of the store, and translate it into the present day.

Francesco Cibati

Year: 2016
Location: Mexico City
Design: Cadena Asociados – www.cadena-asociados.com
Team: Ignacio Cadena, Alejandro Pena, Constantina De La Garza and Alfredo Gonzales
Graphics: Jay Catruita and Luis Medellin
Photos: Moritz Bernoully