The Terraces, Lebanon, by Accent Design Group

Accent Design Group - Elie Abs,

Jad Ghorayeb,

Lebanese architects Accent Design Group have completed a villa in the Chouf mountains, Lebanon.

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The Terraces, Lebanon, by Accent Design Group Lebanese architects Accent Design Group have completed a villa in the Chouf mountains, Lebanon. The house was designed to blend into the environment and is naturally and discreetly embedded in the landscape.

The village of Brih is located 840 m above sea level in the Chouf mountains, which are part of the Mount Lebanon range. This natural setting, about 50 km from Beirut is the backdrop for the latest project by Accent Design Group.
Unlike many houses outside cities in Lebanon, where “chic contemporary” seems to dominate, Accent Design Group under the leadership of architect Elie Abs has opted here for a design approach that puts harmony with the natural setting at the centre of the project. The result is architecture, whose name, the terraces, alludes to the lie of the land itself, traditionally terraced with drywalls and planted with olive trees.
The villa is composed of two volumes: on the front side, the public functions connect directly with the outdoor area, which contains a pool, almost like a private piazza, open to the landscape; in the back, the family areas are contained in a long, two-storey structure. The foundation is clad with the same stone used for the drywalls, further accenting the connection of the architecture with the territory. By going with this material, the architects brought out the contrast with the white stucco walls and interiors, in a minimal, very Mediterranean style.
The Terraces by Accent Design Group is the example of a house that is not designed to be a standout landmark dominating its context. All the architectural solutions adopted aim to craft a discreet, sustainable project that blends right into its natural location.

Christiane Bürklein

Architecture Firm: Accent Design Group http://accentdg.com/
Lead Architect: Elie Abs
Project Consultant: Elie G. Haddad
Project Team: Aline Fadous, Jad Fenergi, Luana Mahfouz, Nada Noueihed, Petia Ratzov
Interior Design: ADG Interiors 
MEP Consultant: Wissam Tawil & Associates
Structural Consultant: Joseph Diab
Completion Year: 2017
Built Area: 1350 sqm
Location: Brih, Lebanon
Photographer: Arch. Jad Ghorayeb
Client: Bou Ezzedine

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