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SAGE Restaurant, Berlin by Drewes+Strenge Architekten BDA
The SAGE Restaurant is a really attractive hangout on the banks of the river Spree in Kreuzberg, Berlin. It combines the inviting design of industrial refurbishment with offers galore for your free time. Here you can experience culinary art and life on the beach at the same time.

Not just a restaurant. 
The SAGE Restaurant is located in an early 20th century, exposed brick factory, in Berlin’s popular Kreuzberg district; it combines an architectural makeover by Drewes+Strenge architects with lighting design by Room Division, all managed by a team with lots of experience in Berlin’s food, wine and hospitality scene.

The result is a contemporary interior with unadorned lines and fine details, which draws its strength from the recycled materials.

When it’s hot you can eat on the outdoor deck and enjoy the sight of the vintage limousines used as sculptures; there’s even a riverside “beach”, boasting sand, deckchairs, a bar and Spree river views for the whole family.

Due to this combined offer of cuisine, atmosphere and design, teNeues publishers has named SAGE one of the “coolest” restaurants in the world. 

Location: Berlin, Germany
Project: Drewes+Strenge http://www.drewesstrenge.com/
Year: 2010
Photography: © diephotodesigner.de – www.diephotodesigner.de 
Link: SAGE Restaurant, http://www.sage-restaurant.de/