Room with a view. A country holiday.

Asti, Italy,


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Room with a view. A country holiday.
Rediscovering the pleasure of country life and its different pace. A farmhouse on the hills near Asti has been renovated with special attention to its setting, to offer a break in close contact with nature.

The structure of the Villa Belforte farmhouse in Tonco, a village in the Monferrato countryside of Asti, dates back to the 19th century. The original layout was retained in the renovations and restoration of the existing building, carried out directly by the owners of the Bed&Breakfast with the assistance of local tradesmen.

The original period furniture used in the interior design emphasises the farmstead’s ties with the town’s history, together with the local traditions – for example, fabrics from old linen sets were used for the curtains and bedspreads.

Materials from the site or sourced locally – such as the beams and the washbasin tops recycled from old tables – were put to good use in the bedrooms and bathrooms. Part of the energy needs of the facility are covered by a photovoltaic system.

The landscaping project of the farmhouse’s extensive parkland reflects and respects the nature of the Monferrato zone: an invitation to rediscover an environment that we hear so much about but that we rarely experience in person. Indeed, here you can stroll through the grounds and sit on one of the benches to enjoy a view over the vineyard-covered hillsides to admire the colours of this zone shaped by centuries of farm work that follows the rhythm of the seasons.

Project: Remo Bolner
Location: Tonco, Asti, Italy
Photography: © Bruno Cantarella
Link: Villa Belforte http://villabelforte.it