New mental health residential communities in Brescia.


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New mental health residential communities in Brescia.
Building for communities is a major challenge that becomes an even tougher task when seeking sustainability and when the building must meet key therapeutic and rehabilitation criteria. AIACE Società di Ingegneria and Brescia Progetti worked with GAPProgetti to develop the first pavilion of the Centro San Giovanni di Dio residential community in Brescia.

AIACE Società di Ingegneria and Brescia Progetti worked with GAPProgetti to design the first pavilion for the new mental health residential communities, as part of a wider programme of functional and energy redevelopment of the Centro San Giovanni di Dio institute in Brescia.

The desire to come up with sustainable solutions drove the design team along innovative paths for the community centre architecture. The team was particularly sensitive to the therapeutic and healthcare needs of the end users.

The building – completed at the end of 2012 – includes innovative plant engineering technologies and renewable energy; the architects also leveraged its passive behaviour – orientation, insulation, natural ventilation, sunlight and heat – regulating it with special systems like screens and all of these stratagems have contributed to its excellent energy performance. In actual fact, its photovoltaic system covers 75% of its electricity requirements.

The two residential volumes run east-to-west and the connecting facilities block directs the flow of traffic, guaranteeing spatial flexibility to the two side wings. The inner courtyard provides a common meeting place.

The result is a sustainable health and welfare complex with a warm, welcoming atmosphere: an absolute must for the rehabilitation of the community members.

Project: AIACE Società di Ingegneria http://www.aiace-srl.it and Brescia Progetti with GAPProgetti
Year: 2012
Location: Brescia, Italy
Photography: © Pietro Savorelli
Press office: re.publique comunicazione d'architettura, http://www.republique.it