Nanan, a dream in Millennial Pink by BUCKSTUDIO




A patisserie with a look that is a direct reference to its tasty specialities.

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Nanan, a dream in Millennial Pink by BUCKSTUDIO A patisserie with a look that is a direct reference to its tasty specialities. Nanan Patisserie is a project by the Polish creative team from BUCKSTUDIO with a dream-like look in the colour of the moment: Millennial Pink.

We've been saying for a while that pastel colours are making a comeback. And last year, the Polish creative studio from BUCKSTUDIO anticipated the latest colour trends to create the Nanan Patisserie in Wroclaw. 
A complete interior design project following the tradition of BUCKSTUDIO and comprising all the aspects - from design to branding, from the Visual Identity to the configuration of the kitchen and even the kitchen utensils. All based on the core business of this patisserie of just under 100 square metres in the historical centre of the city, not far from the city hall. A place where you can buy and eat French pastries, particularly the delicious “éclairs”, long, sweet filled and iced choux pastries.
You can see formal references in the lamps, and in the mirrors, and in the door handles, and even in the coat hooks. The focal point of the compositions by the designers from BUCKSTUDIO is the oval island counter in the centre with a display case exhibiting the pastries as if they were precious items of jewellery.
The prominent colour featuring throughout the interiors is the pioneering “millennial pink”, set off by elegant white chairs, brass and marble tables and timber counter. This creates a pleasant visual tension but doesn't disturb the relaxing sensation of being in the middle of a dream, or a cloud of candy floss.
The Nanan Patisserie by BUCKSTUDIO is a must for every visitor to Wroclaw if you're looking for a  trendy location and you want to grace your Instagram account with the colour of the moment...and more to the point if you want to taste one of their fantastic éclairs with... pink icing!

Christiane Bürklein

Project: BUCKSTUDIO http://www.buck.pl
Location: Wroclaw, Poland 
Area: 96 sqm 
Year: 2016 
Images: PION Basia Kuligowska, Przemysław Nieciecki 

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