Las Piedras Fasano. Isay Weinfeld.

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Las Piedras Fasano. Isay Weinfeld.
A holiday complex in Punta del Este in Uruguay combines private homes and bungalows. The constructions spread over 480 hectares of arid, rocky land are designed by Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld. 

Isay Weinfeld, one of today’s top Brazilian architects (featured in the new itinerary on Floornature), has built a big resort complex in Punta del Este, starting out with a natural setting of rare beauty and the rustic home of the previous owners.

The resort’s various functions are housed in constructions distributed like rocks standing here and there on the land, which not only lightens the visual impact of the development but gives it its name. 

The bare concrete, wood and glass volumes fit harmoniously into the landscape and weave an intense dialogue with it, while the reception area and Las Piedras Restaurant stand at the entirely redesigned base of the old U-shaped house.

The beauty of the architectural project is underlined by the images created by famous architecture photographer Fernando Guerra.

Design: Isay Weinfeld, http://www.isayweinfeld.com
Location: Punta del Este, Uruguay
Year: 2008-2011
Photos: Fernando Guerra, courtesy of Isay Weinfeld