House on a warehouse, project by Marcelino.

Miguel Marcelino,

João Morgado,


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House on a warehouse, project by Marcelino.
Living above a commercial space or any place used for work often means relinquishing aesthetics due to restrictions forced by the existing building. But here, the architect Miguel Marcelino shows us that even simple shapes can hide a warm, welcoming space.

The 1980s warehouse was built with a flat slab roof and overhanging balcony already with a view to adding an extension on the roof. So Portuguese architect Miguel Marcelino was given a good foundation for his project.

A new house now sits on the rooftop of the rectangular building. The material – local brick painted white – references the native architecture on the one hand, and picks up the colour of the warehouse on the other.

The bedrooms face east, the kitchen west and the living zone south, where a diagonal corner and overhanging roof provide perfect shade from the hot summer sun. This design solution, together with natural ventilation throughout, is to the advantage of the home’s Class A energy performance.

The result is an extension that reaches out to the nature around it. Indeed, the fact that the warehouse provides the foundation means it is unnecessary to impact the land, keeping down the home’s carbon footprint.

Project: Miguel Marcelino http://www.marcelino.pt
Location: Chícharo, Torres Novas, Portugal
Year: 2012
Photography: João Morgado 

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