Eco-sustainable construction: Oversea Building, Chioggia

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Eco-sustainable construction: Oversea Building, Chioggia
A new residential complex on an eco-design dimension. Oversea Building in Chioggia, designed by architect Simone Michele, has a class “A” energy efficiency rating and uses cutting edge technology and materials.

Oversea Building is the end result of major refurbishments and extensions to a building in the closely-packed centre of Chioggia, a coastal town located on the lagoons near Venice.

The architect, Simone Micheli decided to demolish the old to make way for a new building that incorporates the strictest building regulations in terms of both earthquake resistance and the environment.

This is a self-sustainable building with class “A” efficiency rating.

State-of-the-art technologies such as photovoltaic windows play a structural part and frame the large, wraparound balconies. A geothermal system with radiant floor panels provides heating and cooling.

The architect also paid special attention to the materials used for the interior design. Fiandre’s eco-active and antibacterial ACTIVE porcelain stoneware tiles were used here, improving air quality in the rooms.

An example of sustainable architecture that is distinguished by the architectural choices also aimed at total respect for the environment.

Architectural project and interior design: Arch. Simone Micheli, http://www.simonemicheli.com
Location: Chioggia (Venice)
Hydrothermal and plumbing project: Idrosistemi
Builder: Costruzioni Clodiensi
Client: Ghirardon Group
Materials used: Taxos Extreme, Fiandre Architectural Surfaces, http://www.granitifiandre.it/
Project date: 2010
Construction: 2012
Photos: Juergen Eheim


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