A residential building with an organic shape and a green soul


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A residential building with an organic shape and a green soul
Nicolás San Juan building in Mexico City, by the Mexican architectural practice Taller 13, represents green living in the city

Taller 13 of Mexico, an architectural practice particularly conscious of the issue of sustainability, has designed an ecologically certified apartment building featuring innovative solutions with a bold visual impact.

Looking at it from the outside, one is immediately struck by the concrete structure, reminiscent of the trees next to the building, apparently an allusion to the building’s green soul. Its organic shape is not simply a matter of style, but was developed in partnership with structural engineers to improve the building's performance in the event of an earthquake.

A big central patio providing ventilation and natural temperature control offers access to 7 residential units on two levels, with views of the road and the patio.

Each floor has stone flowerpots and balconies designed for use as urban vegetable gardens.

The building’s green roof collects rainwater, while a large bamboo structure provides a shady outdoor space.

The building materials were chosen on the basis of criteria of sustainability, such as non-toxic paints, wood from certified plantations and a waste management system for reducing the tenants’ impact on the environment.

Hot water is produced by solar collectors, while straw is used to provide thermal and acoustic insulation, improving not only the climate in the apartments but the climate among neighbours!

Design: Taller 13, http://www.taller13.com 
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Photographs: Rafael Gamo

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