Biodiversum Information Centre by Valentiny HVP Architects

Valentiny HVP Architects,

Brigida Gonzales, Baustelle,

Nature Center,

Haff Remich is a nature park on the border between Luxembourg and Germany, a former sand pit which is now a resting place for migratory birds. The park has been open since '98, but not until last year did it have a visitor centre: the Biodiversum by Valentiny HVP.

Biodiversum Information Centre by Valentiny HVP Architects

The latest project by Valentiny HVP, Biodiversum, an information and visitor centre in a famous nature reserve, blends perfectly into its natural surroundings. In the 19th century this large piece of land at border of Luxembourg, Germany and France was used as a sand pit. Extraction of sand transformed the environment, forming lots of little lakes, which became Haff Remich Nature Reserve in 1998.

Last year the park was given a visitor centre, a structure that looks like the overturned hull of a ship, inspired by the homes of the ancient Celts in the area. Made entirely out of timber on a ferroconcrete frame, the Biodiversum is a monumental construction with huge spaces put together by hand, plank after plank.

Light filtering in through the big windows overlooking the lake gives the place a sacred atmosphere, ideal for the permanent exhibition it hosts about the park and its ecosystem, designing primarily to instruct young people on the topics of ecology and conservation.

Francesco Cibati

Location: Haff Remich Nature Reserve, Luxembourg
Year: 2016
Design: Valentiny HVP Architects - http://www.valentinyarchitects.com
Photos: Brigida Gonzalves and Baustelle


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