"Alfonso Femia Architettura e Generosità" exhibition at the Museo Novecento in Florence

Alfonso Femia,



The "Alfonso Femia Architettura e Generosità" exhibition dedicated to the Italian architect and his Atelier(s) is the tenth appointment of the "Il tavolo dell'architetto" series, involving famous architects and studios of the contemporary architecture scene invited to present their works and their intimate design world to the public of the Museo Novecento in Florence.

From April 29 to October 5 the internal loggia of the old Spedale delle Leopoldine complex in Florence, home of the Museo Novecento, is hosting the "Alfonso Femia Architettura e Generosità" (Architecture and Generosity) exhibition dedicated to the Italian architect and his Ateliers(s). "With this exhibition we are not only looking to narrate our world and our works" explains architect Alfonso Femia. "Instead, we see it is an opportunity to convey the need for a paradigm shift focused on the generosity and responsibility of architecture."
The exhibition is the tenth appointment of "Il tavolo dell'architetto" (The architect's drawing table), a series of temporary exhibitions dedicated to architects and architectural firms of the international contemporary scene focused on the idea of showing the public "their work table". "A par excellence tool of the architect's practice", explains Sergio Risaliti director of the Museo Novecento, "the architect's drawing table holds the same significance as the easel for a painter or the score for a musician, in other words serving as their creative support".
On Alfonso Femia's drawing table the story of his works and of his personal and design world develops, starting from the representation of a zoomorphic figure: the whale, chosen as a symbol of the studio’s work and founding values. As the curator of the exhibition Laura Andreini explains in relation to the meaning associated with the large mammal of the deep sea, The whale represents the paradigm of how Alfonso Femia interprets architecture. For the curator, in fact, it is "a journey of immersion into the depths of different situations and places, of reflection on their history, to eventually arrive at formulating a project idea that is harmonious and coordinated with people's contexts and expectations".
"Attention, Desire, Exploration, Generosity, Responsibility, Travel, Narration, Thought, Territory and Continuity", in fact, are the ten cornerstones of the architect's design thinking. Represented by the celestial shapes designed by Gigi Pescolderlung for the book entitled "La Città Buona. Per una Architettura responsabile" (The Good City. For Responsible Architecture) by Alfonso Femia and Paul Ardenne, the decalogue is reproduced on the windows of the loggia and accompanies the visitors' journey through colours, ceramic maquettes, drawings, words, sketches, videos and sounds from the depths of the seas to narrate the works on display. A collection of about 30 creations, in addition to the "Bestiario Moderno" (Modern Bestiary) created by master ceramist Danilo Trogue and conceived in 2011 by Alfonso Femia for the OGR Torino project.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Images courtesy of Museo Novecento & Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia

Exhibition title: Alfonso Femia Architettura e Generosità
Date: From 29 April to 5 October 2022
Location: Museo Novecento, Firenze – Italy
Artist: Alfonso Femia
Concept and Artistic Direction: Sergio Risaliti
Curated by Laura Andreini
Exhibition Project: AF*Design with Tapiro Design
Scientific Coordination, Set Up and Logistics: Francesca Neri, Eva Francioli, Andrea Benelli, Beatrice Papucci Simonetta Cenci, Enrico Martino
Organization: Jacopo Manara
Press: Costanza Savelloni, Elisa Di Lupo - Comune di Firenze
Social: Giulia Spissu
Visual Identity: Archea Associati
Ph Credits: Serge Domingie (exhibition images), S. Anzini and Luc Boegly (projects images)

In collaboration with: Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia


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