Trina Merry: Blending into Tuscany


Famous New York artist and body painter Trina Merry came to Italy as resident artist at Villa Il Palmerino in Florence. During her stay she visited all the classic destinations in Florence and Tuscany and immortalised them on her special "canvases".

Trina Merry: Blending into Tuscany

Trina Merry is a bodypainter from New York known all over the world for her Seven Wonders of the World series and her commercial work with famous brands. As artist in residence at Villa Il Palmerino she explored the iconic landmarks of Florence and Tuscany and immortalised them on her human canvases.

The key concept underlying Merry’s work is intimacy. According to the artist: " Intimacy is disappearing in our contemporary culture but there’s still a huge desire for it - and I think this void is creating all kinds of interesting possibilities". Painting a body, she maintains, is "a distinctly human experience" which creates a strong bond between the artist and the person being painted.

Trina Merry’s models blend into the landscape and are camouflaged before such iconic sites as the Tower of Pisa, the Rowing Circle by Ponte Vecchio in Florence, the Roman amphitheatre in Fiesole, the Chianti vineyards, Villa il Palmerino and more.

Francesco Cibati