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Cannatà and Fernandes.<br> CAPA and DST habitation modules. 2003


Cannatà and Fernandes.
CAPA and DST habitation modules. 2003

Creating habitable conditions in mobile spatial structures with minimal bulk which are totally self-sufficient energetically: this is the goal of the two Portuguese architects Cannatà and Fernandes, who presented their works at the construction materials fair in Porto in 2003.

Biotop, Georg W. Reinberg. Weidling (Austria), 2003


Biotop, Georg W. Reinberg. Weidling (Austria), 2003

Relationship with the surrounding environment, special energy control solutions, appropriate choice of technologies and materials: the project constructed in Weidling, Austria by Reinberg of Vienna is an exemplary case of "responsible" design pursuing the goal of sustainable development.

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