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Rethinking Mallorca’s Seaside


Rethinking Mallorca’s Seaside

The tourism industry constitutes a valuable contribution to many national economies, making up anywhere from 2% to 10% of a country’s income.

Italo Rota. Foro Italico. Palermo, Italy. 2005


Italo Rota. Foro Italico. Palermo, Italy. 2005

Italo Rota has given Palermo back the sea. Since the second world war the city seemed to have forgotten its waterfront promenade, occupied first by the ruins of bombed-out buildings and then by a funfair. The redevelopment of the Foro Italico area was funded with money provided by the nation for the UN conference on international crime held in Palermo in 2000.

Ravenna Wharf,<br> Antonio Citterio


Ravenna Wharf,
Antonio Citterio

An artificial dune of wood, a scroll of white glass reinforced plastic, a large space with benches, a bar and kiosks: Antonio Citterio designed the new Guardiano Wharf in Marina di Ravenna to revitalise the whole area.

Paseo Maritimo Benidorm


Paseo Maritimo Benidorm

Architects MBM Arquitectes: Joseph Martorell, Oriol Bohigas, David MackayPartners: José Luis CamarasaLocation: Benidorm, Alicante, SpainSize: 3 kmProject start date: 1993Completion date: 1996

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