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EyeStop: hi-tech platform roofs, Florence


EyeStop: hi-tech platform roofs, Florence

EyeStop is a new solar-powered platform roof concept for the city of Florence developed by MIT SENSEable City Lab.

Norman Foster and Arup <br>Florence High-Speed Train Station


Norman Foster and Arup
Florence High-Speed Train Station

A huge glass roof supported by a light steel structure characterises the new "High Speed" station to be built in Florence to plans by London architect Norman Foster and Ove Arup.

Banca C. Steinhauslin & C.


Banca C. Steinhauslin & C.

Location: Firenze - ItalyType of work: RestorationProject team: Architect Mauro Valenti e Engineer Marco BertiFlooring: Raised finished in technical porcelain stoneware from GranitiFiandre.

Antonio Barbieri<br> Chiarini, The temporary shop


Antonio Barbieri
Chiarini, The temporary shop

Chiarini is a Florence company that is making a name for itself with its young, colourful bags, intended to be an "easy" accessory to be changed each day to add to the elegance of one's look.

Wunderkammern and the birth of the museum as we know it


Wunderkammern and the birth of the museum as we know it

Today’s museums, places for conservation and knowledge, have their roots in an extraordinary phenomenon of late Renaissance Europe: the Wunderkammer. The origins of the museum as we know it go beyond man’s eternal and infinite curiosity and desire for knowledge: before this came a love of the strange and marvellous, of the eccentric, of all aspects of the universe – real or imaginary – which could astound visitors to those collections of oddities that first appeared in the studies of princes (especially in the mid-sixteenth century) and then in the Wunderkammern.

Cabel Building


Cabel Building

Location: Empoli, Florence. ItalyClient: Cabel HoldingProject: 1992 Completion: 1997 Architecture: Massimo Mariani Collaborators: Umberto Santi, Alessandro MarianiStructure: Bruno BertelliPaintworks: Alessandro Mariani, Elda BelloneSurface Area: 1.650 mq Director of works: Piero CasiniModels and Rendering: Alessandro Mariani

N. Santini+ A.Musiari<br />Casa Paoletti in Florence


N. Santini+ A.Musiari
Casa Paoletti in Florence

An apartment in the old centre of Florence in which the historical citations which normally dominate local renovations are abandoned in favour of a rigorous, elegant modernity.

Herzog & De Meuron, Dominus Winery, California


Herzog & De Meuron, Dominus Winery, California

Architects: Herzog & De Meuron Architekten. Clients: Christian Moueix and Cherise Chen-Moueix Location: Yountville, Napa Valley, California, USA Use: Winery. Project year: 1995. Year of construction: 1996-98. Cost: $ 5,400,000 Useable surface area: 4,100 m2.

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