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Smerin Architectsꞌ Red Bridge House in East Sussex (UK)


Smerin Architectsꞌ Red Bridge House in East Sussex (UK)

Smerin Architects of England created the Red Bridge House in East Sussex, in southern England. The Red Bridge House is a holiday home designed around the elements of the landscape: the forest, the river and farmland. Smerin Architects make the most of these elements in the homeꞌs internal spatial identity.

East Beach Cafe - Heatherwick Studio<br /> Littlehampton, 2007


East Beach Cafe - Heatherwick Studio
Littlehampton, 2007

Beachcombers in Littlehampton, a seaside resort on the southern coast of England, will find a strange big shell on the beach.

The National Waterfront Museum Swansea<br> Wilkinson Eyre Architects, 2005


The National Waterfront Museum Swansea
Wilkinson Eyre Architects, 2005

Wales now has its first museum of the country¿s maritime and industrial traditions. It is in Swansea, a seaport where the River Tawe flows into the bay of the same name, in the county of West Glamorgan in southern Wales.

Daniel Libeskind<br>Imperial War Museum-North, Manchester GB


Daniel Libeskind
Imperial War Museum-North, Manchester GB

Can architecture be ethical? Can the forms and spaces of architecture be used to represent the futility of war and convey the sense of peace?

Foster & Partners. Paragon. Sussex


Foster & Partners. Paragon. Sussex

Half water, half land: the new McLaren science and technology centre is more than a huge space for research and production by one of the world's most famous automobile manufacturers, it is also a great work of architecture by London architect Norman Foster.

National Marine Aquarium - Plymouth Lacey Hickie Caley


National Marine Aquarium - Plymouth Lacey Hickie Caley

From the conception of its external forms to the definition of internal routes, the National Marine Aquarium project has been inspired by a single principle: evoking the characteristics of the marine environment and of its principal element, water.

Meadowhall Shopping Centre


Meadowhall Shopping Centre

Location: Sheffield Area: 132.800 sq. m. Plan: Jefferson Sheard ArchitectNew concept by: Studio Fitchwww.meadowhall.co.uk

Living coasts, Torquay <br> Kay Elliot Architects


Living coasts, Torquay
Kay Elliot Architects

It looks like a huge tent in the Paignton zoo: Living Coasts is a futuristic fauna centre employing advanced construction and design techniques.

International Center for life<br> Terry Farrell & Partners


International Center for life
Terry Farrell & Partners

On the western edge of Newcastle, the International Centre for Life is a futuristic high-tech complex inaugurated in May 2000 and built to plans by the London studios of Terry Farrell & Partners.

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