Winner of The Architecture Drawing Prize 2019

Anna Heringer,

Award, The Architecture Drawing Prize,

In the run-up to the 2019 World Architecture Festival being held in Amsterdam from 4 to 9 December, here are the results of the third edition of The Architecture Drawing Prize. Now in its third year, the organisers of the annual architecture drawing prize announced Anton Markus Pasing as the outright winner with his work entitled “City in a box: paradox memories”.

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Winner of The Architecture Drawing Prize 2019 Right now, architecture drawing is very popular, as we have seen since the first year of The Architecture Drawing Prize curated by Make Architects, Sir John Soane's Museum and by the World Architecture Festival. This year, the competition attracted 126 entries from 23 countries, as proof of the truly global nature of the prize. Most of the entries were submitted by architects (24%) and students (20%),
who showcased their skills to the judges in three categories: hand-drawn, hybrid and digital. The outright winner was selected from the winners of the single categories. Working in the field of experimental architecture, prototyping and fine arts, the German architect Anton Markus Pasing won the prize for the best digital drawing and was also crowned overall winner of The Architecture Drawing Prize. “City in a box: paradox memories” represents an unknown city full of stories, closed inside a large box. Until the box is opened, the city remains in a kind of “limbo” - it is real and non-existent at the same time.
The other two category winners are Jerome Xin Hao Ng, a student at the Bartlett School of Architecture in London, for "Metabolist of a Dementia Nation" in the hybrid category, and Anna Heringer from the German architecture studio, Anna Heringer in the hand-drawn category, for "Masterplan Rudrapur, Bangladesh". We are very familiar with Anna Heringer, known for her work and commitment to social sustainability through her projects, most of which are in Bangladesh  (link)Not surprisingly, Anna Heringer’s work showcases the masterplan of Rudrapur, Bangladesh embroidered on a blanket made from old saris that have been repurposed. This, therefore, represents the high level of sustainability in the zone, where life is based on creativity and on raising the quality of whatever already exists rather than consuming materials. While Anna Heringer plays with layers of fabric, the drawing by Jerome Xin Hao Ng uses a hybrid technique to play with the various layers of reality. His drawing could better be described as a collage, and it shows an alternative vision for the Golden Mile Complex, a huge residential block and an important icon of the 1970’s Metabolist urbanism, now facing demolition. In this vision, the building is saved from the wrecking ball, allowing it to absorb physical artefacts from Singapore's threatened urban infrastructure and at the same time giving space for the past to breathe.
The judging panel for this year included artists Ben Langlands and Nikki Bell from Langlands and Bell; Ken Shuttleworth, Founder of Make Architects; Narinder Sagoo, Senior Partner at Foster + Partners; Paul Finch, Programme Director of the World Architecture Festival; Owen Hopkins, Senior Curator of Exhibitions and Education at Sir John Soane’s Museum in London; Manuelle Gautrand, Founder of Manuelle Gautrand Architecture; Christian Schittich, writer, consultant and architect and Gary Simmons, Chief Engineer at William Hare. The prize-giving ceremony will be held on 6 December 2019 during the WAF19 Gala Dinner in Amsterdam.
Christiane Bürklein

The Architecture Drawing Prize - https://thedrawingprize.worldarchitecturefestival.com/
Winner of the digital category and overall winner: Anton Markus Pasing
Hand-drawn category winner: Anna Heringer
Hybrid category winner: Jerome Xin Hao Ng
Images: courtesy of WAF19