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The first UK Upside Down House opened in November 2018 in the English town of Bournemouth. Building on the success of this Upside Down House, not least to the virality of the images taken there, other locations were added, including London and Brighton.

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Upside Down House UK upside down experience For those spending their holidays in the UK, here is a little treat that is sure to turn the heads of those who follow you on social media, ensuring maximum virality of holiday images. We are talking about the Upside Down House UK initiative. We have already seen similar installations around the world, including the famous Olympus Playground, where visitors could experience space through artistic and optical illusions and effects. 
Upside Down House UK, on the other hand, is a true destination, in the sense that these are permanent installations. With the help of the architecture, they allow the curious to have an “upside down” experience and even rent out the various locations for parties, advertising, or team-building activities. It's not by chance that one of the pay-offs reads: “It is an experience to be shared in real time with friends and family.”.
In the UK, the first example was realised in Bournemouth, a popular seaside resort in the South of Great Britain. Here, on the terrace of the famous Pavilion Theatre, you can find the ocean blue house turned on its roof. Its construction required a lot of work and an excellent organisation to bring back and contain the latest trends in interiors and exteriors. It is no coincidence that last spring, the Upside Down House in Bournemouth underwent renovation work to ensure that its visual and furnishing proposal was up-to-date.
Upside Down House UK Business Director, Pablo Abraham, tells about the expansion of the model: "‘The success of our very first house in Bournemouth back in 2018 contributed in a huge way to the business expanding shortly afterwards to our flagship location in Brighton, where we are prominently seen along the beautiful seafront. Despite the pandemic, we managed to continue our growth to other popular destinations like Lakeside in Essex, Westfield White City in London and Milton Keynes."
We are looking forward to the future where we are planning to open in Portsmouth and have aspirations to establish the first-ever upside down house in Scotland
A success quickly explained in our world dominated by images, where everything is communicated with a few shots sent to one's address book or published on one's social profiles. Disruptive photos that are successful, consequently also increasing our visibility, such as those that can be achieved in an artificial environment such as an upside-down house. Moreover, the thrill of the upside-down perspective allows us to see with new eyes a living space that we usually do not look at very carefully anymore, namely our homes.
For those not travelling to Great Britain on holiday, other locations around the world offer similar thrills. In 2008, an upside-down house, born out of a festive evening between two architect friends and entitled Die Welt steht Kopf (The World is Upside Down), was built in Trassenheide on the island of Usedom in Germany. But we also find examples from China to South Africa, Romania to Colombia, Thailand to Turkey, and the United States of America.
In short, people's fascination for architecture and built space is great, and these tourist attractions prove it, although something less archetypal and in the “normal”form would not have displeased us. Or is it a sign that, regardless of the country where we see it, a house must be easily recognisable with concessions to local taste only in the interior design? This is the question one must ask oneself, even upside down.

Christiane Bürklein

Upside Down House UK
Location: Bournemouth, Brighton, London, Essex, Manchester, Bristol, Milton Keynes
Images: courtesy of Updside Down House UK
Find out more: https://upsidedownhouse.co.uk/