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Sanjay Puri Architects has designed a new block of apartments in the Ras desert in Rajasthan, India.

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Studios 18 by Sanjay Puri Architects Sanjay Puri Architects has designed a new block of apartments in the Ras desert in Rajasthan, India. The project clearly references Indian urban tradition and is characterised by sustainability. 

Did you know that most cities in Rajasthan, India are identified by their colour palette? For example, Jodphur is known as the blue city because the traditional homes are coated in blue lime plaster, while Jaisalmer is the yellow city because of the local sandstone used to build their houses.

Multi-award winning, Mumbai-based firm Sanjay Puri Architects - that lays to claim to many international prizes, including the LEAF World Future Building 2015 - were inspired by this local phenomenon of bright, bold colours for their latest housing project, with 18 units - Studios 18 - built for the workers in the nearby cement factory in Rajasthan.

The new build construction has been designed to be sustainable, so it also picks up on some of the traditional architectural solutions to offset the extreme climatic conditions. It looks like an old Indian town, where organic walkways wind through the three-storey high cubes, featuring a flat terrace rooftop, in line with the language of nearby villages. The layout also favours natural ventilation in and around the buildings. 

The recessed windows act as frames and give glimpses of the desert landscape, as well as protecting the interiors from direct sunlight, while still bringing in natural light. The sheltered, ventilated walkways connect the deconstructed cubes, and they also act as meeting points and engagement for residents.

The areas of Studios 18 are clearly identified by the skilful use of colour, pale colours on the exterior walls to reflect light and heat, darker, “cooling” colours inside, for a spatial narrative with a lively rhythm. With this residential complex, Sanjay Puri Architects again confirms its design attention to the context in terms of both aesthetics and sustainability.

Christiane Bürklein

Priject: Sanjay Puri Architects, http://www.sanjaypuriarchitects.com/
Location: Rajasthan, India
Year: 2016
Images: © Vinesh Gandhi - Thanks to v2com