Office Greenhouse: a green space to work in.

Riga, Latvia,


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Office Greenhouse: a green space to work in.
The Latvian firm OPEN ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN produced an interior design project for an office which makes greenery its focal point in the creation of a serene and healthy working environment.

It is a well-known fact that the architectural quality of the working environment influences the psychological and physical well-being of the workers. Office Greenhouse in Riga, Latvia, is an example of how to design a pleasant open-plan space for professional use.

The architects in the Latvian firm OPEN ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN created an office which reflects the client’s wish: basically, a space dedicated to greenery and simplicity.

In the open-plan area, multipurpose furniture has been specially designed to allow the integration of both the workstations (desks) and the dining area surrounded by the presence of large potted trees.

The whiteness of the furniture complements the natural wood colour of the floor and overhead beams. White painted walls alternate with bare brick walls as a tribute to the original appearance of the building materials where the office is located.

Supermarket-style shelving is layered with plants in pots or, alternatively, the walls are decorated with floral patterned wallpaper.

Not surprisingly, the office designed by Open AD is called “Greenhouse” because it is extremely bright, like a greenhouse, thanks to large windows looking out onto a view of the city which also adds to the comfort of the working area.

Project: OPEN ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN- architect, interior designer Zane Tetere, architect - bachelor Karlis Lauders, interior designer Elina Tetere, http://openad.lv
Client: Binarium
Location: Riga, Latvia
Metal artist: Edgars Spridzans
Year: 2012
Area: 170m2
Photographer: Maris Lagzdins


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