La Rösa. Diving into the past for an “all-natural” vacation.



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La Rösa. Diving into the past for an “all-natural” vacation.
An old coaching inn on the Bernina Pass road in Switzerland offers all its charm without making any concessions to modern times, for a relaxing “old-fashioned” holiday 1880 metres above sea level.

A historic building dating back to the 17th century in Valposchiavo, Engadina, on an old mule track over the Bernina Pass, a historically strategic link with Italy.

Though times have changed here as everywhere, the structure of the “Stazione della Posta”, an old coaching inn, remains unchanged after a restoration project to preserve the old building and build a small addition on the western side. It now offers accommodations based on the motto “naturally original”, in rooms furnished with original antiques from the nineteenth century.

The inn offers rustic farm holidays: the only heating is provided by woodstoves burning firewood from the forest. Another source of heat is the goats and donkey in the stables, in the traditional location underneath the lower floor to provide a thermal buffer.

Traditional local dishes are prepared on the premises and cooked over an old-fashioned wood-burning fire, to be enjoyed in company on the long table of the dining hall.

The project’s sustainability is rooted in its profound and ancient link with the landscape and the majestic, inflexible mountain landscape. The hotel is only open from mid-June to October, when the road over the pass is clear of snow.

Leonardo da Vinci knew this place and supposed it was the source of Italy’s great rivers. Now it can be the source of inspiration for returning to a more natural pace of life.

Location: La Rösa, Valposchiavo, Canton Grisons, Switzerland.
Link to Stazione della Posta website: http://www.larosa.ch/stazione-della-posta/home.html
Photos: © La Rösa


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