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Building in nature: Mt Wellington Pinnacle Amenities
The Australian multidisciplinary design practice, Liminal Studio needed to work around a unique, natural site: Mount Wellington, dominating the city of Hobart in Tasmania, Australia.

Mount Wellington is an imposing 1271 metres high, and is referred to as “the mountain” by the Hobart community. It’s the place they got to on weekends to get away and to enjoy the breathtaking views over the city.

Here, the architects from Liminal Studio replaced the old toilet block with new amenities adopting a horizontal language. This facility nestles into the natural rock formations, reducing exposure to the harsh winds.

The extensive use of glass not only gives the building a contemporary look but it brings the natural environment inside, and offers a subdued reflection of the landscape.

The point here was not to hide the building, but to respect the context and materiality of its site. This design approach really helps the new facility to fit into the landscape, keeping up a constant dialogue between the building and the nature around it.

Liminal Studio is the recipient of a number of awards, including the Emerging Architect Prize awarded to Peta Heffernan not only for her contribution to architecture but also for her role on the Tasmanian Creative Industries Council.

Project: Liminal Studio, 
Location: Mt Wellington, Hobart, Tasmania
Photography: (c) Peter Whyte - Courtesy of Liminal Studio