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8 containers recycled to make an unusual ecological home
The container house designed by French architect Patrick Partouche is located near Lille and built out of recycled containers adapted to meet the client’s needs.

French architect Patrick Partouche starts out on the basis of the assumption that a continually changing world requires new forms of living.
Today's technologies and techniques can cut costs while improving both results and working conditions. Production of prefabricated homes is therefore a solution which not only cuts costs but also reduces environmental impact, especially if used containers are recycled for new purposes. The idea takes advantage of the ease and speed of building homes of this type.

The example in the countryside near Lille is based on 8 shipping containers offering a total of 240 square metres of living space on two levels, and was built in only three days on reinforced concrete foundations with a space for technical installations. The red sheet metal façade is combined with terra cotta tiles to create a bond with traditional homes in the area.
The interior design meets the client’s demands and reflects a contemporary industrial style in keeping with the home’s exterior. Even the decorative elements were made using recycled sheet metal from containers.

The home stands out not only for the small carbon footprint of the construction process but for its potential for energy efficiency. For instance, it can be fitted with photovoltaic panels and an air/water heat pump for a heating system with low CO2 emissions, and a few simple measures are enough to adapt it to the requirements of the top energy classes.
Acoustic insulation is also excellent, as each prefabricated unit is separated from the others both vertically and horizontally for improved living comfort.

Patrick Partouche’s container home in Lille opens new doors in construction of sustainable housing with a contemporary look.

Design: Patrick Partouche, http://partouche-architecte.blogspot.com
Location: Lille, France
Photos: Courtesy of Patrick Partouche


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