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Foster & Partners. Paragon. Sussex


Foster & Partners. Paragon. Sussex

Half water, half land: the new McLaren science and technology centre is more than a huge space for research and production by one of the world's most famous automobile manufacturers, it is also a great work of architecture by London architect Norman Foster.

Milano Santa Giulia.<br> Foster and Partners. 2005


Milano Santa Giulia.
Foster and Partners. 2005

A city within a city, projected into the future and designed to meet the needs of the people who live there: Milano Santa Giulia is an "ideal city" designed by Norman Foster and commissioned by Risanamento S.p.A., the Zunino Group company that currently owns the property.

Solar City, Linz, Austria


Solar City, Linz, Austria

Client: municipality of LinzFinancing: municipality of Linz, European CommunityProject: 1995 - 2004Construction: under construction in 2004 Master plan: Roland RainerArchitects: READ (Renewable Energy in Architecture and Design):Thomas Herzog + Partner; Sir Norman Foster and Partners; Richard Rogers PartnershipEnvironmental engineer: Norbert KaiserLandscape architect: Latz + PartnerConsultant: Renzo Piano Building WorkshopLocal coordination: Heinz Stogmuller

McLaren Technology Centre<br> Norman Foster, London 2002


McLaren Technology Centre
Norman Foster, London 2002

A man-made lake and a huge bean-shaped structure are the two main elements of the McLaren Technology Centre, a multifunctional facility designed by Norman Foster for the well-known automobile manufacturer.

The Millau viaduct, Norman Foster. 1993 - 2005


The Millau viaduct, Norman Foster. 1993 - 2005

A technical challenge, to which Norman Foster adds great aesthetic value: the Millau viaduct is the world's highest bridge, 268 metres above the canyon of the River Tarn, even higher than the Eiffel Tower.

Norman Foster, Reichstag<br> Berlin - 1999


Norman Foster, Reichstag
Berlin - 1999

One of the most important symbols of the new Berlin, it manages to convey at a single glance that blend of past and present that makes the German capital a true laboratory of architecture and an open-air exhibition: the dome of the Reichstag was designed by Norman Foster, who won an international competition held in 1993 for reconstruction of the structure demolished in 1954.

World Trade Center, San Marino<br /> Foster & Partners, 2004


World Trade Center, San Marino
Foster & Partners, 2004

3 years of work and an investment of 30 million euros: these are the figures on the San Marino World Trade Center, one of the most recent projects by London architect Norman Foster, who stands out on the international scene for his highly innovative buildings.

Norman Foster and Arup <br>Florence High-Speed Train Station


Norman Foster and Arup
Florence High-Speed Train Station

A huge glass roof supported by a light steel structure characterises the new "High Speed" station to be built in Florence to plans by London architect Norman Foster and Ove Arup.

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