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Wind Tower. Yokohama. Toyo Ito. 1986


Wind Tower. Yokohama. Toyo Ito. 1986

It was designed 20 years ago, but it is a highly innovative form of architecture whose formal solutions and use of technology reveal all the contemporaneity of 21st century architecture: the Wind Tower is one of Toyo Ito's best-known projects. It earned him the 1987 Edwin Guth Memorial Award of Excellence from America's Illumination Engineering Society, a prestigious acknowledgement of the strong symbolic value of this work in its urban context.

Ara Pacis Museum. Richard Meier. Roma. 2006


Ara Pacis Museum. Richard Meier. Roma. 2006

A monument built in 9 B.C. to celebrate the Romans' accomplishments in Gaul and Spain is wrapped in 21st century technology. The pavilion protecting the Ara Pacis is made up of 500 square metres of special glass to protect the monument from atmospheric agents and pollution.

Reflecting Absence. Michael Arad<br /> New York. 2004


Reflecting Absence. Michael Arad
New York. 2004

Two big pools, or two big empty spaces, dug into the ground to mark an indelible wound, and a sense of loss, of absence: this is how New York has "marked" the city itself, in the physical sense, to remember the events of September 11.

Peter Eisenman, Memorial to the Victims of the Holocaust. Berlin. 2005


Peter Eisenman, Memorial to the Victims of the Holocaust. Berlin. 2005

2711 concrete columns near the Brandenburg Gate: The Memorial to the Victims of the Holocaust was designed by Peter Eisenman as a place for reflecting on the fate of the 6 million Jews exterminated under Nazism.

D-Tower. NOX. Doetinchem. 2005


D-Tower. NOX. Doetinchem. 2005

12 metres tall, it looks like a huge prehistoric animal, or an enormous heart: D-Tower is more than twenty-first century architecture or sculpture, it is a media project involving the whole city and all the people who live there.Seen from afar, it looks like a great beating heart ¿ especially when lit up in red ¿ symbolising the most emotional part of the Dutch city, even though it is an artificial creation made out of expanded polyurethane.

Bubble. Ville Hara. <br />Helsinki. 2002


Bubble. Ville Hara.
Helsinki. 2002

A lightweight, airy structure with soft, rounded forms: "Bubble", the new construction in the Helsinki zoo, has already become a new symbol for the city.

Zaha Hadid and Cai Guo-Quiang<br> The Snow Show 2004


Zaha Hadid and Cai Guo-Quiang
The Snow Show 2004

Lines, polished surfaces, and full volumes in the Lapland landscape of lakes and forests: The Snow Show is an open-air exhibition of works by artists and architects using unusual, unexplored construction materials.

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