In recent decades, design has contaminated a number of sectors of creative work. This series focuses on the scenarios of future trends, investigating their infinite expressive potential through issues of contemporary relevance and discussions with international designers. A window on the future, to understand and describe how much the world of design is changing, from techniques to new materials, from interiors to installations, from experimentation to contamination with art. In the final analysis, a section all about forecasting and trendsetting in design.

Pierre Paulin and other marvels at Château La Coste


Pierre Paulin and other marvels at Château La Coste

An exhibition shows off the curvaceous modular furniture of Pierre Paulin, set in an Oscar Niemeyer pavilion that perfectly suits the French designer’s vision. But this is not the only opportunity that Château La Coste, an estate in Provence dotted with works of art and architecture, offers this summer: there’s also a spectacular walk-in sculpture about the origins of...

IN’EI, the eastward-looking design gallery


IN’EI, the eastward-looking design gallery

The clear intention of IN’EI, a new gallery that opened in Venice in March, is to open up a window onto the art and design of Japan, Korea and China by hosting exhibitions of the work of selected designers, featuring productions designed especially for the occasion. Such as The Floating Realm, the exhibition currently under way, on the work of Japanese architect Satoshi...

Mahdavi and Bonnard: making room for art


Mahdavi and Bonnard: making room for art

Architect and designer India Mahdavi designed the setting for an important exhibition of the work of Post-Impressionist painter Pierre Bonnard in Melbourne, transforming the halls of the National Gallery of Victoria into homey spaces that speak the French painter's own chromatic and poetic...

Dieter Rams:


Dieter Rams: "What is good design today?"

An important question with a simple answer: "Less, but better". An exhibition at the ADI Design Museum in Milan looks back over the prolific German designer’s development over the years through his most famous products. But that’s not all. Using his ever-relevant ‘ten principles for good design’ as a springboard for discussion, 91-year-old Rams is also taking this opportunity to...

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