Green Point Urban Park, Cape Town, WDC 2014



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Green Point Urban Park, Cape Town, WDC 2014
The Green Point Urban Park in Cape Town is a green space for recreational use located alongside the stadium built for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and a tangible example of responsible landscaping. 

Many public spaces in host cities were upgraded as part of the 2010 FIFA World Cup projects. One of these is the Green Point Urban Park in Cape Town, located next to the city stadium. This community urban space, a green lung for the city, was redesigned by OVP Associates.

Here, sustainable design plays the leading role. Just to name a few of the many sustainable solutions adopted, the soil and the rocks for the park were brought in from the stadium excavations, and the timber used for the play park comes from cleared non-native trees.

One of the park’s greenest credentials is its irrigation management, with spring water channelled from the mountains to drive the waterwheel that generates electricity for the park. And the“Biodiversity Show Garden” in the park showcases the local biosphere to visitors, teaching eco-friendly gardening techniques.

Project: OVP Associates
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Year: 2010
Photography: Jan Ras for VISI, courtesy of http://www.wdccapetown2014.com/ - Jan.Ras@newmediapub.co.za