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Green Box: or rather a jewel in the green. The act_romegialli architecture firm has designed a tiny building hidden in the green landscape that exists in symbiosis with the plant life used to cover the structure.

Local architecture practice, act_romegialli has transformed a small garage on the property of a weekender located on the slopes of the Rhaetian Alps.

They have let nature takes its course in their project, extending the idea of a green mantle that completely covers the lightweight galvanised steel frame. Leafy vines and flowering plants now completely cover the frame, creating a kind of green wall.

This space was originally a garage and it is still used to house garden tools; the architects have added a kitchen and large table for conviviality, so owner and friends can use all their senses to lap up this magical space set amidst lush vegetation.

The main structure of the green mantle is formed of Lonicera periclymenum and Polygonum baldshuanicum in turn covered by vines, Humulus lupulus and Clematis tangutica.
The results are clear: a small jewel box, covered in flowering plants and vines providing the client with an idyllic escape.

Project: act_romegialli
Gianmatteo Romegialli, Angela Maria Romegialli, Erika Gaggia
Paesaggio: Gheo Clavarino
Year: 2011
Location: Cerido SO Italia
Photo: © Marcello Mariana


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