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Construction of housing as a “social act”
Design and construction of housing in Cesena by Italian architectural practice tissellistudio on a vacant lot not yet served by public infrastructures offers an example of concrete sharing and social action.

Implementation of an architectural project is strongly limited by the organisations that regulate the building process, and the relationships among the various parties involved are very complex, requiring compromises which, however, on the basis of the credo of the architects of tissellistudio in Cesena, must affect the overall quality of the project, even when building on as yet undeveloped land. It is therefore important to establish a strong partnership among all the parties involved, sharing paths and goals to achieve authentic social action.

This was the case of VC1, a construction project in Cesena which had to address all the issues involved in connection with public infrastructures, including preparation of a large green area across from the homes and a parking lot.

The project does not seek to blend into its anonymous surroundings, but manages to reconcile the demands of the local administration and the client with a strong visual impact which nonetheless maintains links with its green surroundings and sustainable solutions such as radiating underfloor panels and turned thermal cladding which is also applied to the shoulders of the windows and doors and underneath the horizontal floor slabs in contact with the outdoors.

The usual residential functions are enclosed in a parallelepiped volume turned along an axis parallel to the ground. The main façade has large balconies all along the front forming a single graphic line which does not detract from the legibility of the big rotated box, in which the two-toned plaster underlines the guidelines of the design.

Design: tissellistudio, Cesena, http://www.tissellistudio.com/
Location: Cesena
Completion of work: 2008
Photographs: Courtesy of tissellistudio


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