Contemporary spaces dedicated to the spread of knowledge – universities, conservatories, nursery schools and libraries – are carefully selected by Floornature to show the innovations and technical and aesthetic developments in educational buildings. Large-scale, versatile and multifunctional projects are joined by local experiments, like enlarging and restoring buildings with a great symbolic value. The projects show a common desire to create spaces where people can congregate and share knowledge, without spatial or temporal constraints.

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Milano Santa Giulia.<br> Foster and Partners. 2005


Milano Santa Giulia.
Foster and Partners. 2005

A city within a city, projected into the future and designed to meet the needs of the people who...

Multipurpose complex<br> Mannheim, Michael Wilford


Multipurpose complex
Mannheim, Michael Wilford

In the centre of block N7 in the old part of Mannheim, the multipurpose complex designed by...

World Trade Center, San Marino<br /> Foster & Partners, 2004


World Trade Center, San Marino
Foster & Partners, 2004

3 years of work and an investment of 30 million euros: these are the figures on the San Marino...

Alvaro Siza: Serralves Museum in Porto, Portugal, 1991-1999


Alvaro Siza: Serralves Museum in Porto, Portugal, 1991-1999

Siza's work has made an important contribution to the affirmation of Portuguese architecture: his...

Ricardo Bofill: Villa Cultural de Prado<br> Valladolid, under construction


Ricardo Bofill: Villa Cultural de Prado
Valladolid, under construction

In a few years the Regional Centre for the Performing Arts will be completed in the eastern part of...

Migros Shopping Center, Lucerne, Switzerland


Migros Shopping Center, Lucerne, Switzerland

Project: Diener & Diener ArchitektenLocation:...

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