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Projects, solutions and new ideas applied to architecture by international designers, critically analysed with explanatory images. A selection of the most interesting buildings and research on today’s architectural scene, to make sure you don’t miss any of the new developments in architectural culture. Floornature constantly updates, exhibits and catalogues this overview of international architecture and the great architects of today.

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Parco Leonardo Shopping Centre


Parco Leonardo Shopping Centre

Location: Rome, ItalyConstruction: 2005

Mario Botta. Locride campus. 2005


Mario Botta. Locride campus. 2005

Reconciling nature and architecture, social needs and architectural work: this is the intent of...

Milan, City of cultures. David Chipperfield


Milan, City of cultures. David Chipperfield

David Chipperfield¿s project to reclaim the Ansaldo ex-industrial area, is the fruit of an...

Milano Santa Giulia.<br> Foster and Partners. 2005


Milano Santa Giulia.
Foster and Partners. 2005

A city within a city, projected into the future and designed to meet the needs of the people who...

Multipurpose complex<br> Mannheim, Michael Wilford


Multipurpose complex
Mannheim, Michael Wilford

In the centre of block N7 in the old part of Mannheim, the multipurpose complex designed by...

World Trade Center, San Marino<br /> Foster & Partners, 2004


World Trade Center, San Marino
Foster & Partners, 2004

3 years of work and an investment of 30 million euros: these are the figures on the San Marino...

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