Dorte Mandrup and the SH2-Sundbyoster Hall 2 complex in Copenhagen

" After the interesting ideas expressed in the Råå Day Care Centre, Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter has designed a multipurpose building in Copenhagen's Sundbyoster district. Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter's SH2-Sundbyoster Hall 2 incorporates a sports centre, 12 apartments and a big supermarket.

Bovenbouw: new firefighters’ station in Berendrecht

" In Bovenbouw’s project, Berendrecht firefighters’ station plays a symbolic role in the indistinct landscape of the port of Antwerp. Belgian studio Bovenbouw has built a new firefighters’ station in Berendrecht topped by a residential unit inspired by the work of John Körmeling. "

Erick van Egeraat and Roskilde’s new waste-to-energy plant

" Roskilde, the former capital of Denmark, has a new waste-to-energy plant designed by Erick van Egeraat, which generates energy from the wastes produced in 9 municipalities around it. A new urban landmark, Erick van Egeraat’s waste-to-energy plant establishes a visual relationship with the town’s Gothic cathedral.

Dominique Coulon renovates the municipal swimming pool in Bagneux, Paris

" Dominique Coulon has expanded and renovated the municipal swimming pool in Bagneux, on the outskirts of Paris, creating a building that interacts with the neighbourhood. Dominique Coulon has placed a new concrete volume containing a hall and a solarium terrace before the existing pool building. "

OFIS architects and Arena Borisov Football Stadium (Belarus)

" OFIS architects of Slovenia has designed a new stadium for FC BATE Borisov, the well-known Belarussian football team. Its organic shape permitting increased capacity makes OFIS’s Arena Borisov Football Stadium the most important new sports centre in Belarus. "

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