Team CS: Rotterdam Centraal Station

" Completed in 2014, Rotterdam's Centraal Station is an infrastructure connecting a number of different routes for accessing the city. This significant example of contemporary architecture was designed by the Team CS (Benthem Crouwel Architects, MVSA Meyer en van Schooten Architecten, West 8), winners of the competition held in 2003. The roof is covered with 130,000 solar cells. "

TYIN: boathouse facility in Norway

" True to the history of the place and to architectural archetypes, the seaside holiday home designed and built by TYIN tegnestue Architects in Norway replaces an old boathouse, reclaiming its shape and materials in an ecological project. The stratified Norwegian pine floor and wall coverings express the architects’ contemporary idiom. "

Aldrete: shelters on the Ruta del Peregrino

" Architectural projects funded by the Secretaria de Turismo del Estado de Jalisco in Mexico for the Virgin of the Rosary Pilgrimage Route include shelters designed by Luis Aldrete in Estanzuela and Atenguillo which are based on the principles of standardisation but differ according to their location and fit naturally into their surroundings thanks to the clay colour of the prefabricated blocks. "

J. Mayer H.: Metropol Parasol in Seville

" Seville has a new landmark: J. Mayer’s Metropol Parasol, a laminated timber construction intended to revitalise the Plaza de la Encarnacion in the city centre. Functioning as a roof covering the entire plaza, it is in actual fact a complex on four levels containing shops and providing an urban viewpoint. "

Zaha Hadid: Aquatic Centre a Londra

" Zaha Hadid Architects’ new London Aquatic Centre offers an opportunity to reflect on the Iraqi architect’s poetics and the way she has overcome unique ways of conceiving of known building types. Zaha Hadid’s concept of space is expressed in all her projects, from her best-known museums to this sports facility in London’s Olympic Village. "

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