Bernard Khoury and the enigmatic NBK residence (2) in Beirut

" Bernard Khoury designed the NBK residence (2) in Beirut, a penthouse on three levels that seems to be a separate body from the tower on which it rests, for himself and his family. In the NBK residence (2), a sort of alien home, Bernard Khoury makes contradictory choices representing the changing moods of Beirut.

Austin Maynard Architects: That House in Melbourne

" That House in Melbourne offers Austin Maynard Architects an opportunity to reflect on the concept of the home common among the Australian people. Andrew Maynard’s That House reduces built space and underlines perceived space.

Torrejón Schellhorn: holiday home in Limache, Chile

" Ricardo Torrejón Schellhorn designed a holiday home in Limache, on a sloping lot in the mountains of Chile. The layout of the Limache house consists of a series of separate nuclei which are physically and visually connected, taking into consideration both the need for privacy and the desire for sociability.

Takuro Yamamoto Architects’ I-Mango house in Kashihara, Japan

" Takuro Yamamoto Architects’ I-Mango house in Kashihara, Japan is a reflection on the dichotomy between public and private space. The I-Mango house, built on a lot in the suburbs of Osaka, addresses the important issue of privacy in the home.

Murray Kerr (Denizen Works): House 7 on the Isle of Tiree

" Designing for your own parents, within the limitations of heritage building protection. This was the case of House 7 by Murray Kerr (Denizen Works) on the Isle of Tiree. Murray Kerr’s House 7 fits into the landscape of the Hebrides and draws on local architectural traditions.

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