Murray Kerr (Denizen Works): House 7 on the Isle of Tiree

" Designing for your own parents, within the limitations of heritage building protection. This was the case of House 7 by Murray Kerr (Denizen Works) on the Isle of Tiree. Murray Kerr’s House 7 fits into the landscape of the Hebrides and draws on local architectural traditions.

Mesura designs Casa IV in the countryside of Elche (Spain)

" Near the town of Elche, in the countryside overlooking Spain’s Costa Blanca, Mesura has designed Casa IV: an annex for an existing single-storey home in the centre of a garden, located in a setting without any particular attractions. Mesura has designed Casa IV as a boundary made of glass and brick. "

Cota Paredes Arquitectos: Casa V in Guadalajara (Mexico)

" The compactness of the outside of Cota Paredes Arquitectos’ Casa V in Guadalajara (Mexico) becomes an interior rich in different perspectives and glimpses of other floors. The Abraham Cota Paredes project centres around the patio, a catalyst of light, paying homage to Luis Barragán.

Alberto Campo Baeza and the Raumplan in a house in Madrid

" Alberto Campo Baeza's Raumplan house applies the theories of Adolf Loos. Campo Baeza reflects on the current potential of the Raumplan as spatial development, creating an extremely “mute” home in which the main point of view is from the inside.

Elasticospa+3: The restoration of a country house in Salice

" The country house in Sacile (Pordenone), designed by Elasticospa+3, is a restoration that bridges the past and present experiences of living on the Friuli plain. In the country house at Sacile, Elasticospa+3 works on creating a conscious disconnect between architectural shell and internal space.

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