Luigi Rosselli e The Great Wall of WA (Western Australia)

" The Great Wall of WA (Western Australia) by Luigi Rosselli is a long rammed earth wall as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. Luigi Rosselli designed 12 residences for livestock farmers here. The red colour of The Great Wall of WA is a result of the colour of the local clayey sand. "

Studio Nextoffice designs Amir Villa in Karaj, Iran

" Amir Villa, in Karaj, near Teheran, is a recent project by Iranian architectural practice Nextoffice. Surrounded by the greenery of Mohammad Shahr Gardens, Nextoffice’s Amir Villa is a clay and straw structure that pays homage to tradition, contrasting with a white and glass volume that winks at modernity. "

Mardones MO house in Zapallar (Chile)

" The MO house in Zappalar (Chile) has made Gonzalo Mardones a finalist in the fourth Next Landmark international contest held by Floornature. Mardones seems to tame concrete in the MO house and integrate it into the landscape to form a belvedere. "

ARTechnic architects designed Breeze, a residential building containing an office in Tokyo

" In the Tokyo residential district of Setagaya, ARTechnic architects designed a complex consisting of eight apartments and one office called Breeze. Privacy and transparency are the key concepts inspiring ARTechnic architects in the architecture of Breeze.

Kouhsar Villa by Nextoffice: redevelopment of a house in Kordan, Iran

" The new Kouhsar Villa by Nextoffice in Kordan, near the Alborz mountain range, is architecture on the border between geometry and organicism. The hermetic exterior opens into a dialogue with the landscape thanks to the new floor-to-ceiling facade in concrete and glass. The central void designed by Nextoffice, creates a dialogue between the two floors. "

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