Alberto Campo Baeza and the Raumplan in a house in Madrid

" Alberto Campo Baeza's Raumplan house applies the theories of Adolf Loos. Campo Baeza reflects on the current potential of the Raumplan as spatial development, creating an extremely “mute” home in which the main point of view is from the inside.

Elasticospa+3: The restoration of a country house in Salice

" The country house in Sacile (Pordenone), designed by Elasticospa+3, is a restoration that bridges the past and present experiences of living on the Friuli plain. In the country house at Sacile, Elasticospa+3 works on creating a conscious disconnect between architectural shell and internal space.

Architettura Matassoni and Villa N in Arezzo (Italy)

" Italian studio Architettura Matassoni designs Villa N, a single-family home in Bucine, in the heart of Tuscany. Architettura Matassoni’s Villa N contains references to deconstructivism, combined with a search for the natural dimension as a completion of living space. "

Jean Nouvel and the One Central Park green homes in Sydney

" One Central Park is a new sustainable housing complex designed by Atelier Jean Nouvel and PTW Architects in partnership with botanist Patrick Blanc. One Central Park consists of two towers joined by a base containing shops near Sydney harbour. "

Saigon House by a21studio in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

" In the Bình Thạnh district in Ho Chi Minh City, a21studio built Saigon House, a polyphonic building paying homage to the home and thought of Vietnamese collector Vuong Hong Sen. Tiles, doors, windows and floors were reclaimed from nearby demolished homes as it they were precious works of art. "

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