RRA Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter: holiday home in Norway

" The holiday home in Havsdalen, Norway designed by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter of Oslo uses the symbolic shape of the gable as a distinguishing sign. The timber used in the structure and in the wall and floor coverings puts the home squarely in line with the local architectural tradition. The gradient in the land aids rational subdivision of the interiors, offering the inhabitants plenty of opportunities to fully appreciate the views of the landscape. "

Shigeru Ban: villa in Sengokubara, Hakone (Japan)

" Shigeru Ban designed the villa in Sengokubara in the style of Japanese contemporary architecture. The home is made entirely out of wood, a material the architect is particularly fond of, and its form takes advantage of the site’s flagpole shape. The home is closed off from its surroundings, with the rooms arranged in a radial manner around the interior courtyard. "

MoDus Architects: artist residence and atelier in Castelrotto

" Taking a new look at traditional Alpine architecture, MoDus Architects (Matteo Scagnol and Sandy Attia) have built a residence and atelier for artist Hubert Kostner in Castelrotto, in the province of Bolzano in Alto Adige. Designing a contemporary building with roots in the past, MoDus uses traditional materials in a contemporary way, innovating in the design of the home and workshop. "

Shirish Beri: Lakeside home in Andur

" Shirish Beri designed a home for his family, an oasis of calm for a much-needed pause from today’s hectic fast-paced professional life in the city. The building’s forms appear to be natural extensions of the landscape. The structural material, laterite, helps establish this bond with the earth. The home among the hills overlooking Andur Lake in India is a dialogue between architecture and location, in the language of perspective. "

Koponen: house on Lake Saimaa in Finland

" The design of Olavi Koponen’s new home on the shore of Lake Saimaa in Finland demonstrates the architect’s comprehension of the site. The home is not built on the basis of rigid paths or schemes for living, but draws its inspiration from the act of wandering through the forest, and the use of structural and cladding materials in the project expresses the Finnish architect’s poetics. "

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