a21studĩo designs The Nest, a reporter’s home in Ho Chi Minh City

" The young Vietnamese architects of a21studio designed The Nest, a reporter’s home in the Bình Thạnh district of Ho Chi Minh City. Made entirely of metal, The Nest was designed with a lightweight beam and pillar structure covered with a grid that becomes both a fence and a support for luxuriant vegetation. "

Smerin Architectsꞌ Red Bridge House in East Sussex (UK)

" Smerin Architects of England created the Red Bridge House in East Sussex, in southern England. The Red Bridge House is a holiday home designed around the elements of the landscape: the forest, the river and farmland. Smerin Architects make the most of these elements in the homeꞌs internal spatial identity. "

Alberto Campo Baeza and the House of the Infinite in Cádiz (Spain)

" Alberto Campo Baeza calls it the most radical house he has ever built. The House of the Infinite in Cádiz, an ancient port from which ships set off for the New World, is a manifesto of Alberto Campo Baeza’s poetics. Idea, space and light are expressed in the House of the Infinite, a lookout over the Atlantic Ocean. "

Takuro Yamamoto’S White Cave House and the snows of Kanazawa

" Takuro Yamamoto has designed a home in Kanazawa, a Japanese city renowned for its copious snowfalls and piercing cold. An L-shaped white cave is carved out of the volume of the home to shelter the path from the snow and ensure privacy. "

Rafiq Azam and the Mamun residence in Chittagong (Bangladesh)

" The Manum Residence recently completed by Rafiq Azam is located in Chittagong, in southeast Bangladesh. As in all his buildings, in the Manum Residence Rafiq Azam uses concrete and brick, water and greenery in unusual ways to represent his idea of sustainability. "

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