Next Landmark 2014 rewards Mariela Apollonio for The Art Circle

" Mariela Apollonio puts museum curators on a pedestal in her collection of photographs entitled The Art Circle. Her series of 23 photographs of curators of prestigious museums all over the world were entered in the 2014 Next Landmark international architecture and photography contest, and won the prize in the Photography section. "


Romàn Cordero's cliff dwellings win a prize at Next Landmark 2014

" Romàn Cordero and Izbeth Katia Mendoza Fragoso’s study of cliff dwellings won a prize on the Next Landmark 2014 international architecture contest. Cliff dwellings, the winner in the research category, is a model of a self-sufficient symbiotic structure permitting use of the planet’s vertical surfaces as a human habitat. "


Team CS: Rotterdam Centraal Station

" Completed in 2014, Rotterdam's Centraal Station is an infrastructure connecting a number of different routes for accessing the city. This significant example of contemporary architecture was designed by the Team CS (Benthem Crouwel Architects, MVSA Meyer en van Schooten Architecten, West 8), winners of the competition held in 2003. The roof is covered with 130,000 solar cells. "


A-Lab Arkitekturlaboratoriet: Statoil regional and international offices

" The shape and expressive surfaces of the Norwegian energy company Statoil's office complex reflect the research and innovation that are the keys to the company's operations, achieving significant results in the area of sustainability. A-Lab Arkitekturlaboratoriet's project won the competition held in 2009. "

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