RRA Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter: holiday home in Norway

" The holiday home in Havsdalen, Norway designed by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter of Oslo uses the symbolic shape of the gable as a distinguishing sign. The timber used in the structure and in the wall and floor coverings puts the home squarely in line with the local architectural tradition. The gradient in the land aids rational subdivision of the interiors, offering the inhabitants plenty of opportunities to fully appreciate the views of the landscape. " read

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Khosla Associates: DPS Kindergarten School in Bangalore

" DPS Kindergarten School in Bangalore, a project by Khosla Associates, experiments with a form of sustainability involving screening of sunshine with traditional terra cotta jaalis and natural ventilation and lighting. The building, based on a concrete module with corrugated sheet metal walls, proclaims a democratic model of schooling. " read


Open Architecture: Geuha Youth and Cultural Center

" Open Architecture’s new Geuha Youth and Cultural Center in Qinhuangdao (China) contemplates the relationship between architecture and education. The circular floor plan creates a series of open, flexible spaces facing onto a big inner garden. Passive energy-saving technologies guarantee the project’s sustainability. " read


Schmidt Hammer Lassen architects: The Crystal in Copenhagen

" Schmidt Hammer Lassen’s The Crystal is one of many contemporary constructions in the city of Copenhagen. With its geometric shape developed on the basis of the shape of the corner lot, the new Nykredit building uses materials such as glass and steel to improve its sustainability. " read

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