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Architects 09-09-2014

Aimaro e Saverio Isola, Isolarchitetti

Two generations compare notes in an interview with Aimaro Isola and his son Saverio. Through the his ...

Architects 04-09-2014

Massimo Iosa Ghini

We visit the Bologna practice of architect Massimo Iosa Ghini to talk about his career and the trans ...

Architects 03-09-2014

Oriol Bohigas

Oriol Bohigas, the renown Catalan architect of the MBM group, in Milan as a guest of ISAD - Istituto ...

Architects 16-01-2014

Francine Houben, Mecanoo

Chiara Visentin meets Francine Houben, leader of the Dutch group Mecanoo: an opportunity to discuss ...