Installation by Susana Velasco at MUSAC

Kristine Guzman, Susana Velasco,


'A partir de fragmentos dispersos' is the name of the specific installation created by the architect Susana Velasco for MUSAC Proyecto Vitrinas.

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Installation by Susana Velasco at MUSAC 'A partir de fragmentos dispersos' is the name of the specific installation created by the architect Susana Velasco for MUSAC Proyecto Vitrinas. Susana Velasco's work focuses on architectural research as a place that mediates two scales - the scale of the body and the scale of the territory.

The MUSAC, Museo di Arte Contemporánea de Castilla y León is showing the exhibition by the Spanish architect Susana Velasco  'A partir de fragmentos dispersos' until 14 January 2018. The designer bases her work on the assumption that architecture is influenced on the one hand by the human bodies that build and inhabit it, and on the other, by the territory it is located in. 
So, for her exhibition at MUSAC, during a number of trips across the province of León, an extensive, diversified territory where it is still possible to discover signs of archaic life in objects, actions and rituals Velasco collected elements that articulate a common, shared form of sensitivity.
According to Susana Velasco, these elements that precede architecture as we know it contain some of the keys to understanding the relationship of human beings with their surroundings and show how the forms of architecture are the mediators between the landscape and the human body, between the territory and the social, between the individual and the community.
The exhibition is structured into three sections that occupy the display cases and part of the entry hall of MUSAC: architecture, a collection of objects and a landscape, where the architecture, through the various fragments of the human activities that she found, sets up a new correlation between these things.
During "A partir de frammentos dispersos", MUSAC is publishing the fifth volume of the Arte y Arquitectura AA MUSAC series. This monographic publication dedicated to Susana Velasco includes both the research projects and the works Velasco has completed on the basis of her studies of architecture as a place of mediation.

Christiane Bürklein

Exhibition "A partir de frammentos dispersos"
from 16 September 2017 to 14 January 2018
Artist: Susana Velasco 
AA Arte y Arquitectura MUSAC 
Curator: Kristine Guzman 
Location: MUSAC, Proyecto Vitrinas, Avenida de los Reyes Leoneses, 24 24008 León
Images: courtesy of MUSAC
More information about the exhibition: www.musac.es
About the architect: http://www.susanavelasco.net/


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