Zaha Hadid. Phaeno. Wolfsburg (Germany). 2005

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Big numbers for Zaha Hadid's new project, Wolfsburg Science Museum, opened at the end of November 2005.

Zaha Hadid. Phaeno. Wolfsburg (Germany). 2005 The building looks like some sort of space shuttle, and was built out of 27 thousand cubic metres of cement with more than 3500 steel girders, forming a fascinating megastructure rising unexpectedly out of the centre of the German town.
It is made up of large conical cement elements which help define the space within the building as well as its outer shape.
The building is complex, as is the way it fits into the city, at a point characterised by a waterway and a railway. Its presence adds a new element to the landscape, intended to "stitch together" two different parts of the city.

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