Zaha Hadid Architecture Table and Exhibition

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Zaha Hadid Architects created an Architecture Table to exhibit works by the winners and a selection of the 430 projects participating in the biennial Barbara Cappochin Prize for Architecture.

Zaha Hadid Architecture Table and Exhibition

On the occasion of the “Barbara Cappochin” International Architecture Biennial, Zaha Hadid Architects has designed a plywood table on which to exhibit the projects participating in the 2009 competition and an installation exhibiting the studio’s own works in the Palazzo dellaRagione in Padua.
The exhibition is a retrospective of work by Zaha Hadid: architecture and design projects presented in a gigantic installation in the medieval hall in the Palazzo. A block system is used to create an urban landscape inside the hall.Each individual block presents a project in drawings, paintings, photographs, videos, models and prototypes.
The Architecture Table is a volume cut out of a plywood block: an unusual use of a material which is normally available in panels or beams. Surfaces are cut out of its sinuous continuous form on which to exhibit projects and provide seating. Exhibited in Piazza Cavour in Padua, this spiral-shaped object fully 20 m long offers a surprise and an attraction for passersby and an unconventional way of introducing citizens to contemporary architecture.
The Table will stay in Padua until the spring of 2010, after which it will be on view in other cities in Italy and Europe before going to Tokyo for the architects’ world congress in 2011.
by Agnese Bifulco

Installation design: Zaha HadidArchitects
Photographs: Fondazione Barbara Cappochin
Exhibition: Zaha Hadid, an architect who challenges the limits of architecture, urban planning and design
Location: Palazzo della Ragione, Padua, Italy
Dates: October 27 2009 - March 1 2010


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